3 reasons we need art in the classroom every day.

Student readiness leads to engagement.

Art prepares us for learning by 

  • encouraging independence and inter-dependence; self respect + healthy relationships

  • valuing process over product;  mistakes and accidents are necessary

  • providing opportunities to play, process, reflect and communicate complex ideas, stories or theories 

Health and Wellbeing 

Art Literacy gives students tools to connect with art in our world. 

Art literacy benefits us by

  • provoking detailed observation and thought

  • exploring opinions without right or wrong

  • listening and responding to others; dialogue and critique

  • historical knowledge and insights; new ways to connect to the past 

Discovery & Discussion (art literacy)

Art teaches skills that help us succeed in any field.

  • Preparation & planning

  • Research

  • Experimentation

  • Practice

  • Assessment (self and outside)

  • Improvement

  • Refinement

  • Problem Solving

  • Collaboration

  • Presentation/curating 

  • Challenging Conventions

  • Cleaning and Organizing

  • Tool, material, and space maintenance

  • Technology

Habits of the Artist